Who Qualifies For Home Health Care?

Millions of older adults could benefit from home health care, yet many don’t realize or assume they don’t qualify. Home care includes services such as nursing, physical therapy and speech-language pathology as well as medical supplies and durable equipment such as walkers. Medicare beneficiaries who meet specific criteria – such as having doctor orders and […]

UnitedHealthcare – The Company That Makes Your Health Insurance Work For You

UnitedHealthcare, the company dedicated to making health insurance work for you, stands by its members when they need help the most. Offering Medicare Advantage plans for seniors and Medicaid plans for low income people; as well as individual and family plan options in the ACA marketplace; UnitedHealthcare offers products that save members money on prescriptions, […]

What Is Public Health Care?

Public health is an expansive field, spanning all areas from disease prevention and lifestyle promotion to environmental conservation and disaster preparation. Public health encompasses an expansive scope of knowledge and practice; from protecting the environment to responding to disasters. Furthermore, its scope involves various people–from community members to world leaders. Every discovery, awareness campaign or […]

Are Slot Machines Legal in Texas?

Texas, with its expansive expanses, boasts some of the country’s strictest gambling laws – and that includes eight-liners. While wagering on horses, purchasing lottery tickets and taking part in office pools are permitted activities, almost any other form of gambling such as eight-lining is forbidden by Texas state law. Gaming rooms and machines that do […]

How to Trade in Forex Trading

Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading involves purchasing and selling currencies on the world’s most liquid market through an intermediary broker, making it an accessible way for retail traders to speculate on prices or exchange rates without physically owning currency. Forex market trading happens continuously around the clock; to succeed with forex investing you must create a […]